Prohibited Items

    Will the paint wash out?

    Our paint is water based, latex-free, odorless, light on the skin, and will wash off. Please note however, that it may not fully come out of certain type of fabric/clothes. Make sure you wear something that you wouldn’t mind getting paint on.

    Is your event wheelchair accessible? 

    Most of our events are wheelchair accessible, however, be sure to contact the venue for more information regarding their ADA policy.  http://lifeincolor.com/events/

    Can I bring snacks or drinks in with me?

    No but some shows will provide concessions inside. Water will always be available for sale.

    Can I bring my LED gloves, hoops, poi, etc?

    Each venue’s rules vary, but typically gloves are okay. Hula Hoops and Poi are not. Please check with your show’s venue to confirm.

    Are bags or camelbaks/hydration packs allowed?

    Only small bags, drawstring bags and camelbacks/hydration packs as long as they are empty upon entry.

    Can I bring my own paint?

    Unfortunately you are not permitted to bring paint to the LIC event. Paint can be purchased at the local paint booth at the venue. Look for the sign that says, “Paint for Sale.”

    When will the aftermovie be released?

    Aftermovies are typically released 3 weeks after a show. We release a shorter “Live Clip” the following Monday after each event.

    Does my name have to match the name on the ticket?

    If you listed your tickets as pickup at Will Call, the purchaser will need to be the one to pick them up from the Will Call booth as they are under their name. You can then use them to enter through the gate into the show. If you will already have your tickets via mail, email, or hardcopy, you can use them right away at the gate to enter. A valid ID is only used to verify age, and the tickets do not have to match who is using them.

    When are you going to upload the pictures?

    We do our best to get event pictures and photo available as soon as possible. Pictures are typically uploaded on the Tuesday/Wednesday after each show.

    Can I get on the stage?

    We do not permit attendees on stage for your own safety.

    I won a ticket, can you give me another one for my gf/bf?

    If you won one ticket then you will receive one ticket. You can always purchase additional tickets via online or the local box office.

    When are you coming to my city?

    We visit a number cities each tour. Please check our website for tour dates and to see if we are visiting your city soon.

    I bought GA, can I upgrade to VIP?

    We are working on setting up an upgrade process. In the meantime, you can contact the source in which you purchased your ticket and request to convert your General Admission ticket to a VIP ticket. Worst case you can obtain a refund and re-purchase a VIP ticket.

    Is this an 18+ event?

    A smaller number of our events are 16+; please email contact@lifeincolor.com for more details on your specific event and the age requirements.

    Where is will call located?

    Will Call is typically located near the box office and is designated with a sign. If you are having trouble locating the Will Call you can ask the local Event Staff and/or Ushers and they can direct you to the appropriate location.

    What time does LIC event start?

    Our LIC event starts at different times depending upon the city and venue. Check your ticket or contact the local box office for details on start times. If you are unable to get this information you can email contact@lifeincolor.com.

    Will I be able to enter the event anytime?

    Access to LIC event is only permitted when the doors are opened and re-entry may not be permitted.

    Will you be posting set times?

    Set times will vary from show to show and are always subject to change. We typically do not post these times in advance of the show.

    Can I enter and leave and re-enter LIC?

    At most LIC events, re-entry is not permitted.

    Can I pass out flyers at LIC?

    We currently do not permit attendees to pass out flyers unless you are a designated event promoter.

    Will there be parking?

    Parking is typically available at the venue or a nearby location and will vary depending on the location. We recommend that you research the local venue for available parking areas.

    I love taking pictures, can I bring my camera?

    Professional Cameras are not allowed into the show. Videocameras are also not allowed into the show. Small Point and shoot cameras (Without Interchangeable lens’s are allowed). Please note, we are not liable for any damage done to your camera at our events! You will get covered in paint!   lifeincolor.com/media/

    What do I wear?

    We recommend you dress in all white. This typically is a white t-shirt, white shorts and white sneakers. You can purchase a LIC t-shirt at our online store.

    Will tickets be sold at the venue?

    Tickets are primarily sold online and we recommend you purchase as soon as tickets are made available.

    What kind of ID do I need to enter LIC?

    A valid government issued form of identification is required to enter. Example – State issued ID, driver’s license, or passport.