The following is a non-exclusive list of items that are prohibited at the Event:

    1. Pets (except service animals with current rabies certification);
    2. Grills, tanks (propane, nitrous and the like);
    3. Food or drink purchased from outside the Event;
    4. Glass in any form;
    5. Illegal drugs. paraphernalia, prescription drugs without
    a valid prescription with the holder’s name clearly listed or that are being shared with others, and other products that are being used or may be used for an unintended purpose;
    6. Vitamins, prescriptions or eye drops in unsealed containers;
    7. Deodorant or perfume in big bottles or sprays (cosmetics which are a normal shape and size are allowed -max size 3oz/90ml);
    8. Any apparatus (umbrella, sunshade, tripod for cameras, walking canes) considered dangerous by the security services to other festival goers may be refused;
    9. Motorcycles, ATVs or golf carts
    10. Projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous form;
    11. Fireworks;
    12. Dust masks;
    13. Chinese lanterns;
    14. Flags or totems;
    15. Lawn chairs;
    16. Frisbees;
    17. Large umbrellas;
    18. Unsealed tampons;
    19. Opened cigarettes;
    20. Marker pens;
    21. Musical instruments;
    22. Drones;
    23. Professional and non-personal radios and walkie- talkies;
    24. Any materials that could be used for vending or solicitation;
    25. Flammable products or materials and sprays;
    26. Pyrotechnics of any type (e.g. sparklers, bottle rockets);
    27. Any weapons or dangerous, knives, sharp objects, or bruising object which could be used as a weapon (sticks, chains, stabbing or thrust weapons and the like);
    28. Any item that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or inflict damage to people and goods in the sole discretion of security personnel;
    29. Fire making materials other than matches and lighters;
    30. Laser pointers;
    31. Professional cameras (those with detachable lens);
    32. Water guns or misters;
    33. Inflatables;
    34. Stuffed animals/dolls;
    35. Recording equipment
    36. Pacifiers;
    37. Spray paint;
    38. Stickers; and
    39. Flyers, stickers, posters.
    40. Large backpacks or coolers (except for in camping areas)