Founders GO HARD IN THE PAINT to open the 2015 BIG BANG TOUR.

    unnamed-2 While it may sometimes seem like backstage is the place to be, out in the crowd is where you’ll  find the real party. Founders of Life in Color, Sebastian Solano (CEO), Lukasz Tracz (CMO) and Patryk Tracz (VP) jumped right into the trenches at the Denver show to kick off the 2015 Big Bang Tour. To keep things professional, Paul Campbell stayed behind in Miami to take care of business while the rest of the guys went hard in the paint.

    Sebastian, Lukasz, and Patryk didn’t just slip out from backstage to check out the crowd. No. They started out where the rest of the crowd did, out in the ticket lines. The three made their way through the line to pick up tickets at Will Call and hit the merch booth to dawn branded white tee’s, the signature attire of LIC. Adventuring into the crowd, they stopped to talk, take photos, and of course, dance with guests.

    As Brillz and DVBBS hyped up the crowd on stage, tearing the roof off song by song, the guys were in the crowd getting rowdy. As globs of paint hit their face, they were quickly reminded that the paint gets absolutely everywhere including your mouth when you’re cheering with excitement. Working the crowd, Sebastian got his hands on a pair of Poi and put on a little light show, reminiscing of the early days that inspired LIC.

    As the night went on, Sebastian, Lukasz, and Patryk slipped into their zone. From fist pumping to dancing to jumping into the crowd to surf, they were fully immersed. Grabbing paint guns, they showered the crowd in color.  Not to leave themselves out, the LIC founders headed straight for the huge tubs of paint, diving in headfirst. As paint poured over their heads, they stood there strong, cheering as the color covered their faces. Energy was at an all time high and paint was absolutely everywhere.

    At the end of the night, they attempted to wipe the paint off just like every other LIC attendee.

    unnamed-5Besides knowing they’d have the time of their lives, why did Sebastian, Lukasz, and Patryk head into the crowd to go hard in the paint?  “ It’s the best way to learn about your brand and to get our fans perspective on our show. In business sometimes you gotta get your hands dirty – and we get to do that and have fun at the same time. Best part about it was the people we got to meet and party with,” says Lukasz.

    It was one epic night of both partying and “research” in Denver. Stay tuned for an insider’s view of Sebastian, Lukasz, and Patryk’s outrageous experience out in the paint in a video to come soon.

    By: Rebecca Potzner