Celebrate Safe – Know Before You Go

    Partying is about not missing one moment of the lights, the music, the celebration, the dancing. It’s about connecting with music lovers from around the world who’ve come together to experience the time of their lives. It’s about being present and making the right choices. These moments are made for you – don’t miss any of them!

    Be kind to yourself and your body. Partying may be great, but it isn’t without risks. Risks come with the use of alcohol and drugs (including the type and quantity you take), the risk of loud music on unprotected ears, not driving sober or driving when you are too tired, and the risk of unsafe and disrespectful sexual behavior. Pay attention, be present, and listen to your personal rhythms and needs. You don’t have to “keep up”.

    Not feeling well? Or do you see a friend or anyone around you who is feeling sick? Do not hesitate and go to the first aid area. At the first aid you are always welcome and you will be treated confidentially!

    You can always look into tips to celebrate safely and healthfully at: www.celebratesafe.com