2017 X Tour Celebrate your truth and propel yourself in the future!

    Through the X Tour, we want to offer our fans an intense moment of celebration and transformation! The feeling of starting in the here and now, where X marks the spot, feeling the crowd around you, friends and kindred spirits, elevate you to a futuristic playground where your fantasy is the new reality! It was our first and foremost intention to create a space in time to celebrate our fans, their amazing self, their inspiring potential and the powerful makers of the future that they are!

    This is a tour to celebrate each and every soul that has ever given love to Life in Color! Through your love, you have allowed us to contaminate you, your friends and your families with the colors of freedom and celebration!!! And for that, we wanted to say thank you with our most incredible show yet!

    We are very proud and humbled to have shared our live experiences with so many people from all over the world these past 10 years. The X Tour is a celebration of you and it’s a toast to where we have been and where we are going! We believe that through our unique concepts, we are painting the world brighter, one fan at a time! Through our shows, our brand and our people, we invite you to escape reality and step into ours… because “Life is better experienced in color!”

    Powered by our present, the future is the most exciting celebration of them all!